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LiveJournal for Star Ocean Police: Traffic Cop Aya.

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Friday, June 11th, 2004

( Pretty Pink Flowers )

Time:12:34 pm.
Mood: crazy.
Aya dashed to the phone in the upstairs hall of his grandmother's house, they had all left for the day to the lake. He had been asked to go with them but made up an excuse that his stomach hurt. He gripped the phone, holding it to his chest. "Let's see...he's probably back at school" Aya thought, he ears glued to every sound the house would make, just incase his mother came home and caught him, no doubt she would think he was calling his father.
Aya dialed the phone, he heard the ringing of Lida's cellphone. He became nervous suddenly with the idea that Lida might have interuptted his leaving as avoiding him. He heard the ringing almost echoing in his ears. He sighed, about to hang up when he heard Lida's voice. A smile crept across his face. "Yo, Leave a message and maybe I'll call you back." A laugh. His chest felt heavy, what he wouldn't give to be back at school, he loved extended vacations just as much as anyone but he missed his friends and besides his grandmother was the ONLY grandmother that didn't have snacks in her house, and that was unacceptable for Aya. "Lida san? It's Aya. I'm sorry that I haven't been around or called.." He took a breath in before continuing. "...Things at home aren't good. My mom made me leave..I hope you don't think I hate you...I should be back soon. I have to make this quick, not suppose to be on. I'll be out shopping tomorrow at 4, call me then..and I got all your messages. Thanks for caring." He smiled. "I'll talk to you soon! Good bye Lida!" He hung up, feeling much better. "I'll call Seek too, my mother must of scared him by kicking him out the other day.." He picked up the phone.

He had to retrieve his actual cell for Seek's number, he dialed and hoped Seek would pick up to actual HEAR a voice other than his mother's crying voice, his grandmother's or uncle's. He sighed a little disappointed that he got the voicemail. He figured Seek was in class or some school related affair. "Seek! It's Aya. I'm sorry I haven't been around....." He heard the door, people's voices. "..shit.." He thought his chest heaving, he couldn't just hang up, he heard his mother calling for him. "..Seek I don't have time to talk, I'm sorry. Be with Lida at 4 tomorrow, he'll explain I'm sure. I hope to talk to you soon. Tell the others I miss them as well?...." He sounded sad, he realized this would probably make Seek more worried.

His uncle made his way up the stairs. "I FOUND HIM!" He screamed, as if Aya was a 3 year old playing hide and seek. "Yeah...I was just looking for where I put my colored pencils..they aren't in my bag..." He breathed in again. "Oh, well come downstairs we have cake!" "CAKE!!!!" Aya screamed, dashing downstairs after his uncle.

He shoved the sugary substance of "food" into his mouth. It was the first thing he'd eatten in awhile. He laughed and smiled, thinking of 4 o'clock tomorrow. His mother smiled watching him eat, while his grandmother told him he was eating like a pig and was going to choke...He didn't care, he was happy for the moment.

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

( Pretty Pink Flowers )

Time:7:15 pm.
Mood: confused.
Aya's mother burst into his room, shaking the poor pink haired sleepy head. "Wake up this INSTANT AYA!" She screamed. Aya's eyes blinked open, yawning, He stared at his mother. "What's the matter?" He said, sitting up confused, his pink hair a mess. "Aya, what am I going to do with you??? I already sent your friend home, Come on, GET UP! We're going to your grandmother's house" Aya's mother walked to the door, opening it and shutting it just as quickly. He took out a duffle bag, shoving some stuff inside and grabbing his bookbag, He wasn't really sure how long his mother ment they were going away for, but from the sounds of the screams downstairs, he knew it was for a few days.

Aya made his way out of his room and down the stairs, sitting on the last step. He listened to his mother scream at his father and his father scream back. Aya covered his ears, humming a cartoon show tune, he'd never heard them fight like this really and it kind of scared him. His thoughts where broken as his mother walked over, ordering him to gather up his stuff, grabbed his hand and dragged him out of house. He looked over his shoulder at his father, who waved to him.

Sitting in the car, Aya became very confused, even more so than in the house. What about school? what would people say? what about his friends? He looked at his mother, tugging on her shirt. "Mommy? Why are we leaving? and for how long? What about school?..." He continued asking questions as his mother drove further and further away from the house, she slammed on the breaks, looking at Aya for a long time before opening her mouth. "Your father has gone insane! He wants to quit being a doctor!! He'll see us starve to death!" Aya bit his lip. That didn't seem SO bad. "He's having an affair! He wants to take you away from me...Can you imagine! YOU! He couldn't raise you!!" She looked at Aya, gripping his shoulders and shaking him. "Aya! You are my baby boy, my only child..He can't have you." She turned back, starting the car and driving down the road again.

They got to Aya's grandmother's house an hour later, she didn't live very far away from Aya's own house, but his mother kept stopping the car to cry, scream or shake Aya once again. Aya's grandmother was more than happy to have her young grandson for a "visit" but quickly lost interest over comforting her daughter.

Aya moved into the livingroom, sitting on the couch with another sigh. He thought about wanting to call his friends but knew his mother wouldn't like that right now. He layied down on the couch, closing his eyes and falling asleep, several thoughts running through his head.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

( Pretty Pink Flowers )

Time:12:50 am.
Mood: artistic.
Aya looked up as a paper ball bounced off his head. He heard Lida talking and stared at him with a rather "durred" look. He sighed as the teacher began the lesson for the day. He watched the others carefully, Yura and Daishi were being their normal goof off selves and Seek was quiet as always.

He turned, finally and opened his mouth. "Lida today is my birthday!" Aya became a bouncy ball of pink confined to a chair. He tried to keep his voice down, not wanting to upset the teacher more. "We have to do something! I want a cake and soda and hmm.." he trailed off almost drooling over the thought of all the types of unhealthy foods he could devour for his special day. His thoughts were broken by the ringing of the class bell indicating the end of Math. "Ahh great..one class down" He realized next was chemistry, he wasn't too bad in that class, and atleast he never got there late.

He shuffled around, clutching his books, lost in dreamworld to the next classroom, almost walking into the door. "Ha ha that would of been funny." He opened the door, looking in before taking a seat next to Lida, opening his notebook drawing himself in a jester costume holding a big cake. The teacher entered the room as the kids took their places at the lab desks waiting to be paired up with a partner. Aya hated this part. The teacher announced "Aya, you will be paired with Yura" Aya saw Yura shoot a glare at the teacher, he supposed it was because Yura had some fetish with people calling him "sama" surely he didn't expect even the teacher to call him that? "..How ridiculous" Aya thought, staring at his drawing.

"Aya..what are you waiting for? an invitation? get over there!" The teacher shook his head as Aya stood up, gathering his books and walking slowly over to Yura sama. He bowed his pink head, taking his seat. The teacher paired up the rest of the class and handed out their assignments. "So..You want to read them off or should I Yura sama?" Aya smiled at the blonde that was staring at himself in the steel counter top. He hoped this would all go smoothly, knowing Yura there would be teasing and much looking at his reflection.

He opened his book, peeking at his drawing one last time before turning his full attention to the work ahead of him.

Thursday, March 13th, 2003

( Pretty Pink Flowers )

Time:5:16 pm.
Mood: anxious.
(Note: After like a month lol I've decided to do something with this journal lol. Me and "Lida" have decided to rp that PLC is in school, college? whatever lol So you can play along if you'd like or just yanno watch or whatever Umm and I'm not too sure if they wear uniforms in college but um i like Aya in his little outfit >>)

The morning was hot and bright as Aya rolled over, awaking to the harsh sunlight. He blinked several times with a light girlie yawn. His eyes slowly made their way to the clock on the table beside his bed. His eyes grew large when he read off the time.

"8:30!!!!!" He threw the covers off and quickly took to washing his face, brushing his teeth, putting his semi-long pink hair up and slipping into his University uniform. He grabbed his pink bookbag, bursting out of the tiny dorm room and running down the halls towards the cafetira.

"Mou...I reeeeally shouldn't stop..but I'm really really hungry" Aya faced his moral conflict with extreme responsiblity. "..If I don't eat I'll never stay awake in class" he moved around the silver booths of food, spotting a small doughnut stand. He almost skipped over to it, if he hadn't quickly remembered he was late, and grabbed a pink glazed doughnut with sprinkles. He threw two dollars down on the stand, grabbing a water and running out.

While racing down the hall, he absent mindedly chowed down on his breakfast of gods. He reached the door to his first class, and before he could catch his breath the door swung open.

"Aya! you're late again!" The professor screamed, looking over the pink haired student, that had pink frosting and sprinkles on his face. "What's your excuse THIS time?"

Aya looked up at the older, taller man. This certain professor, he was SURE had it out for him. "I'm sorry...really...I ment to get up early...but I stayied up all night playing vid....i mean I was studying sir" Aya smiled slightly, looking around at his fellow classmates.

The professor didn't let up, he stood, staring at Aya. "What is that one your face?" he leaned closer exxamining the boy's face.

"Crumbs?" Aya lifted his hand to his mouth and laughed, seeing the icing. "nope..icing.." he licked his finger as the teacher yelled at him to take his seat.

Aya sat down, blinking a few times before, laying down to rest his chin on his arms. He wanted the day to be over and it had just began.

(er...i'm not really sure if this is what you ment Lida but uh..yeah...if you wanted it a different way I can do it over ^^)

Friday, January 24th, 2003

( Pretty Pink Flowers )

Time:10:47 am.
Mood: content.
Today was fun, Got my journal all pink and pretty..though I did have help with it. I'm not very good at this sort of stuff. Hee Hee people say I should learn to sit still for more than 2 minutes. I don't know.

I'm going to go shopping soon, I should probably eat breakfast first...need something quick...ah I'll get something on the way to the mall.

Bye lovely people!

LiveJournal for Star Ocean Police: Traffic Cop Aya.

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You're looking at the latest 5 entries.